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Who Should Analyze the Analysis of the Analysts?

Who Should Analyze the Analysis of the Analysts? Every Sports Lover. Reminder: I told you there would be an NBA season, and not just a lockout. Now we are in the NBA’s postseason, and I have noticed that really great professional basketball analysis is hard to find. Looking around the various media outlets, I hear opinions that are … Continue reading

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It’s Not Whether You Win Or Lose … It’s All About the Money!

If we learned nothing else, we learned that the primary result of the NFL Lockout has been multiple avoidable injuries. The owners never suffered, the players did. The sloppy play of the preseason and the first few games of the regular season has shown us what happens when players are not able to work with NFL trainers … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why I’m Mad at LeBron

For the record, I am aware that the NBA is a business. I believe that players should feel free to make the decisions that are best for them and their families. You’ll notice that I’m not mad at LeBron because he left Cleveland. I probably would have stayed, but that’s just me. As a Lakers fan, I was hoping he would go somewhere else and level the playing field some. I even hoped that the Heat would turn out to be all that they thought they would be already. Continue reading

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Competitive Sports at the Office

Who knew that a workshop functions the same way as a competitive sport? I am writing this while sitting through (I mean, in) a workshop with 6 others, including the presenter. What is happening in this room can only be characterized as HILARIOUS, but while I watch this comedy I cannot help but notice how similar it is to a sport. Read more…

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Your Personal Trainer is Your Worst Enemy … NOT!

My trainer (let’s call him Coach) is a pretty nice guy, all things considered. That is, until we step into the gym. I can almost see the transformation from “pretty nice guy” to “trainer from hell” happen as he crosses the threshold of the gym. He does not allow me to talk because he says I complain too much. What is that about? Continue reading

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Free Agency Question: Is LeBron a “Media Whore?”

As a true NBA FAN, I do not like seeing the league taken for this crazy ride that is all about “LeBron watching” and not about every other multitalented player who is a free agent right now. (Should I mention the fact that some of the free agents who are NOT scheduling prime time signing events actually have Championship Rings?) Continue reading